Communiqué nº 10

communique-rotator-rev-300x218Communiqué n° 10

By Samuel Gallet

In a World Premiere translation by Rob Melrose
Directed by Rob Melrose
April 25 – May 25, 2014

7:30pm Thurs
8pm Fri & Sat
2pm Sat
5pm Sun


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“Show me a clear enemy. A man who I can take and seize and touch and fight. An address, a location, a life. Something tangible.”
– Hassan, Communiqué n° 10
In a city engulfed by riots a young Muslim man is killed after a confrontation with a security guard. His brother, Hassan, vows vengeance and attempts to take control over his seemingly written destiny. Rebels, vagrants, and officers of the law all seek asylum. Their elders, who have difficulty making sense of society’s radical changes, are simultaneously dead and very much alive to bear witness to the resulting devastation. All hide in fear from unseen state forces as they contemplate the consequences of action and inaction.
Exploring the tensions of the underclass in a city that is bursting at the seams, French playwright Samuel Gallet’s Communiqué n° 10 was inspired by the 2005 Paris riots led by North African youth. Cutting Ball’s production examines the assumptions we make about immigrants, and the connections we make with Muslim identities and violence. Melrose’s translation of Communiqué n° 10 was commissioned and developed as a part of the 2012 Des Voix Festival and is produced in association with Golden Thread Productions.





“That city, when you look at it, you can make out the future according to the color it takes. But without ever knowing if you should cry or rejoice.”    – Old Man, Communiqué n° 10

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